Douglas Danks


"When the materials are all prepared and ready architects shall appear ... The greatest among them shall be he who best knows you, and encloses all and is faithful to all."

Walt Whitman

Douglas Danks Associates was formed in 1997 with the philosophy that appropriate and meaningful design is not imposed.  Rather,  it grows out of an understanding of each client, their specific project requirements and the unique conditions of each site.  Douglas Danks Associates is committed to practicing architecture in a truly collaborative manner with its clients.  The firm has extensive experience over a broad range of project types, complexities and costs, ranging from residential to commercial projects, and new construction to remodeling and historic restoration.  Douglas Danks Associates works with clients throughout Minnesota and nationally.

Since its inception, Douglas Danks Associates has been dedicated to researching and implementing sustainable architecture practices for the health of its clients and the environment.


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