Douglas Danks



Residence/Equestrian Barn - Construction Begins 2009
Afton, MN

The new private residence is located on a rural site near Afton, Minnesota.  The site, originally crop land, has been restored to a native short grass prairie.  The design for the residence seeks to find an aesthetic that fits the rural context and feels at home in the prairie landscape.  A central two-story  farmhouse anchors the massing with simple agrarian forms added to contain the required program, reduce the structure's scale and change the interior character of specific spaces.  Timber framed portico, screen porches and sleeping porch have also been incorporated into the architecture to provide a more rustic and hand-worked aesthetic.  Much of this rustic detailing, along with siding textures and patterns will draw from the precedent of Edwin Lundie's architecture.   Elements of solid timber framing, columns and beams, will be used in the two-story volume of the major living spaces to provide a similar rustic, barn-like character to the residence's interior. 

Although the outward appearance is one of a traditional home, the home's construction will utilize advanced building construction methods and systems to provide a very high level of energy efficiency and comfort.  The homes construction will feature a highly insulated structural insulated panel exterior wall and roof envelope, along with an energy efficient ground source heat pump system for heating, cooling and domestic water heating.